Dilog DL6790


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Dilog DL6790

Voltage & Continuity Testers

The Di-log CombiVolt 2 Digital Voltage & Continuity Tester with Phase Rotation test is the bench mark for voltage indicators. The three-in-one tester with a rugged, ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling is fully conformant to BS EN 64213-3:2014. The DL6790 also offers Single Phase Detection


  • Testing of AC/ DC voltages from 12 to 690 V AC/DC
  • Continuity testing with optical and acoustic indication
  • Automatic switching between voltage and continuity
  • Phase rotation test system
  • Single pole phase indication
  • Fully compliant with GS38
  • Fully operational voltage indication even when batteries are discharged
  • DL6790 with digital indication of voltage
  • Will not trip any RCD when testing across Live and Earth
  • Single pole detection when L2 probe connected above 100V
  • Part comes with VAT receipt
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